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Protect The Innocent – W.A.R.

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Protect the Innocent and WAR (Win Animal Rights) in a collaborative music video effort for PTI’s song “WAR”.

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is a notoriously brutal animal testing laboratory in the UK and the USA that kills 500 animals a day for household product testing. Their technicians have been caught in 6 undercover investigations abusing the animals in their care and falsifying results to please their clients.

Protect the Innocent are a vegan/animal rights hardcore punk rock band from San Diego, CA.

Win Animal Rights (WAR) is a New York City animal rights collective dedicated to total animal liberation.

Protect the Innocent :

W.A.R. : or

For more information on Huntingdon Life Sciences:


La fiscalía japonesa pidió 18 meses de prisión para los activistas acusados por defender a las ballenas

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En el final del juicio a los activistas acusados por denunciar la corrupción en la industria ballenera, la fiscalía del gobierno del Japón solicitó que Junichi Sato y Toru Suzuki sean encarcelados durante 18 meses. Si se efectúa esta condena sería, la más alta que se haya impuesto para un activista de Greenpeace en sus 40 años de historia. Sigue leyendo

Nuevas caras del terror

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by ~mydeadpony

In Memory of Jill Phipps, AR Activist (Feb. 1, 1995)

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In Memory of Jill Phipps, AR Activist.

On February 1st 1995, Jill Phipps, AR activist, was crushed to death by a lorry transporting live veal calves to continental Europe. This February 1st coming up will be 15 years now since her tragic death.

Direct link to video: http:​/​/​video.​google.​com/​videoplay?​do

Website dedicated to her memory: http:​/​/​www.​jillphipps.​org.​uk/​

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Legal Handbook for Animal Rights and Environmental Activists

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By Will Potter |

The National Lawyers Guild has created a great new resource, “Operation Backfire: a Survival Guide for Environmental and Animal Rights Activists.” It’s a booklet on how environmental and animal rights activists have been targeted by the government and branded as the top domestic terrorism threat. It also has a great “know your rights” section that offers information on:

  • handling encounters with the police and FBI in various situations
  • suggestions for how to respond when questioned or presented with a warrant
  • information about your rights when asked for identification or a DNA sample
  • a discussion of grand juries, subpoenas, and FBI attempts to turn activists into informants.

To request free copies, call the National Lawyers Guild office at (212) 679-5100. You can also download the booklet at (I also uploaded “Operation Backfire” here on GreenIsTheNewRed, as a backup).

And don’t forget the guild has a Green Scare Hotline at 888-NLG-ECOL (888-654-3265).

Why Feminist PETA Protesters Got Kicked out of Powell’s

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8.18.09 081

PETA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk book-signing at Powell’s last night was no amen chorus. About 15 angry women showed up to protest a PETA ad campaign they say oppresses women by depicting them in demeaning roles that exploit their bodies.

A recent PETA ad depicting a heavy-set woman at the beach with the caption: “Save The Whales, Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian” sparked the protest, which went on to the street after Powell’s associates asked protesters to leave.


Other ads that have angered some women include a nude Maggie Q lying on a bed of chilies and proclaiming “Spice Up Your Life- Go Vegetarian,” and a lingerie-clad Alicia Meyer telling men that going vegetarian will help them “Get it Up.”



Newkirk — in town to talk about her newest book The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights wasn’t surprised to see the protesters. “There are definitely lots of different types of people in Portland, with lots of different opinions,” she says.

Erin Fairchild, a social worker and one of the protest group’s organizers, says her group consists mostly of vegetarians and vegans. She says they don’t oppose PETA’s animal rights mission. “We want what they want, which is the ethical treatment of animals,” Fairchild says. “We just want the ethical treatment of women, too.”

“We were offended by PETA’s ads, but when we saw this billboard we knew we had to do something,” Fairchild says. “We didn’t even know she was going to be in town until about 5 p.m., and sent out a massive invite on Facebook. We got a lot of responses and put this whole thing together in about an hour.”

Newkirk recognizes that the billboard ads upset some people, but says they aren’t going to change. “Its fine they have their own opinion, but I’m hearing good responses over the ads, too,” she says. “One woman came to me before the book signing and said she didn’t know being a vegetarian would help her lose weight until she saw our ad.”

And according to Newkirk, critics of PETA’s ads have a narrow view of a woman’s portrayal in the media. “Women can do whatever they want with their bodies, and these protests are going back to the times when husbands and boyfriends told us to cover up,” she says. “Now these other women are telling us to cover up, too.”

Fairchild disagrees: “We just want to create a rich and open dialogue about what these PETAs ads are doing,” says Fairchild. “They’re sexist and size-ist, and they need to understand that you don’t have to oppress women in order to liberate animals.”


Eggs Are Murder, Dairy is Murder!

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It is common for people to say that meat is murder. It is a mistake to not say that eggs are murder and that dairy is murder. Don’t believe me? Read on.

The reason why eggs is murder and why milk is murder is twofold. First, to the animal enterprise industry, nonhuman animals are not animals, they are commodities. Second, to the animal enterprise industry, nonhuman animals are commodities which are used and sold to make profit. To those who support animal rights, what is done against these nonhuman animals not only causes suffering, but is also exploitation and murder. To the animal enterprise industry, what is done against these nonhuman animals is simply good, smart business that reduces expenses and maximizes profits.

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