Lights, Camera, Direct Action

by Peter Young

When mainstream film producers begin to examine the underground animal liberation movement in an objective or positive light, the consciousness of the broader public may not be far behind.

Two upcoming films explore animal liberation activism outside the confines of the law.

Bold Native is a fictional account of a fugitive animal liberator resurfacing to orchestrate a nationwide action of simultaneous animal liberations coordinated among numerous cells before he is captured by the FBI.

I was given the Bold Native script while it was in pre-production, and knew immediately this one was coming from the heart. There are some things that can’t be faked. I later had the good fortune of working with the actors, directors and writers of this film, and couldn’t be more excited for this one to see the light of day. Bold Native has completed filming, and everyone is now crossing their fingers for it’s acceptance into Sundance. Look for Bold Native (and my acting debut) on the film festival circuit in 2010.

A second film, Direct Action Movie, (working title) is still in the early stages, but a short trailer is up here. A description from the treatment:

“Direct Action Movie… aims to take the viewer on a journey from the inception and early history of animal and earth liberation groups up to their present-day role as a powerful, controversial movement whose primary goal has pitted them against an equally committed array of foes, including a wide variety of corporate interests, the medical research industry, and a host of government agencies.  Ultimately, this film will seek to answer the question that arises whenever ordinary people choose to do extraordinary things:  Why?”



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