Eggs Are Murder, Dairy is Murder!


It is common for people to say that meat is murder. It is a mistake to not say that eggs are murder and that dairy is murder. Don’t believe me? Read on.

The reason why eggs is murder and why milk is murder is twofold. First, to the animal enterprise industry, nonhuman animals are not animals, they are commodities. Second, to the animal enterprise industry, nonhuman animals are commodities which are used and sold to make profit. To those who support animal rights, what is done against these nonhuman animals not only causes suffering, but is also exploitation and murder. To the animal enterprise industry, what is done against these nonhuman animals is simply good, smart business that reduces expenses and maximizes profits.

In the animal enterprise industry, they do not desire a 1:1 gender ration in the population as it costs some money to feed and exploit the animals. Most animal flesh that people consume from grocery stores is female. As commodities, females are both a commodity and resource to generate more commodities . You only need a relatively few males in a population in order to generate more “commodities”. It is more desirable to have more females than males as it is more profitable to raise females.

In the case of chickens, female chickens are first exploited for their eggs, their female chicks are immediately doomed to a life of being likewise exploited, their male chicks are generally fated to have their necks wrung and then tossed into a heap, and later when the female chickens die, they are exploited one last time where they are then sold as “meat”. The female chicken has her life exploited, her children exploited, and her death exploited. The female chicken is a more profitable “investment” than a male chicken would be. Male chickens do not give birth to new chickens. Male chickens do not lay eggs. This is why male chicks are murdered.

In the case of cows, the same thing happens to the females except that instead of the exploitation being for eggs, it is exploitation of the cows’ milk meant for their calves. The females’ reproductive organs are again exploited for profit, and her children are likewise doomed to a life of being exploited and murdered. A moderate difference is that male calves sometimes have their deaths exploited to “produce” a “commodity” of “delicacy”. The male calves are chained to the floor, not allowed to move, fed purposefully nutrient deficient diets, and then killed to have their death exploited to produce the commodity known as “veal”.

Now, lets imagine if everyone didn’t eat animal flesh, but did eat dairy & eggs.
If people didn’t eat chickens, male chicks would still be murdered for the exactly same reason they are murdered now: they are unprofitable for exploitation.

If people didn’t eat cows, male calves would still be murdered because they aren’t profitable to raise. In such a hypothetical world, like our own world, you don’t need 1:1 existence of males and females. It is unprofitable to be supporting so many males which cannot be exploited for milk like females can. Male calves are murdered now for this reason. And in such a hypothetical world where people did not consume animal flesh, but did consume dairy, male calves would also still be murdered for exactly the same reason.

Consuming eggs and dairy causes murder now and would continue to cause murder EVEN if people didn’t eat animal flesh.

Exploitation cannot be made conscientious. It is a contradiction in terms. Exploitation can only exist when conscientiousne​ss about the other is weak or non-existent. Conscientiousne​ss of the well-being of the other requires that we recognize that they have their own desires and interests, that we recognize the suffering of the other to be as legitimate and as painful as our own, and that we recognize that the other doesn’t exist for our benefit, but that they exist for their own purposes.

As long as animals are regarded as property or as commodities, we will do whatever is possible to reduce our expenses and/or to maximize our profits. This is why “cage-free” and “cruelty-free” eggs simply come from overcrowded closed barns. This is why, like “caged eggs”, chicks’ beaks are still melted off. This is why the male chicks are still killed. This is also why “organic” dairy farms are nearly identical to nonorganic dairy farms. This is why the cows and chickens from both suffer from nearly all the same inflictions from “​nonconscientiou​s”​ exploitation as they do in “​conscientious”​ exploitation.

For as long as we regard other animals as our property or as our commodities, as long as we refuse to recognize that nonhuman animals have natural rights to be free, to live free, to die free, and to exist for one’s own purposes, we will cause their suffering, and we will also murder them.

We will do all these things always in the name of reducing our expenses, in the name of reducing inconveniences,​ in the name of increasing our profits, or in the name of enjoyment.

The only way to stop doing those things is if we recognize and respect the natural rights of other animals. The only way we can do so is to allow other animals to be born free, to live free, to die free, and to exist for their own purposes.

There is specieism which possesses either no conscientiousne​ss about other animals or which possesses a pseudoconscient​iousness about other animals. Pseudoconscient​iousness is not still not conscientious of other animals. Because of this, suffering, exploitation, and murder will be inflicted, and it will also be in the name of enjoyment or in the name of profit.

It is not possible to exploit other animals without inflicting suffering, murder, and depriving them from experiencing the qualities of life that cannot be substituted when their natural rights to be born free, to live free, and to die free are denied to them. Neurotic behavior such as self-​mutilation,​ cannabalism, and nonstop circling in their confinements are only a few exhibitions of evidence of how such a deprival of their natural rights to live and be free can effect them.

Authentic conscientious about other animals refuses to rob another animal’s life and then murder the animal in the name of profit or in the name of enjoyment. Authentic conscientious about other animals opposes all exploitation and opposes robbing from animals their natural rights to be born free, to live free, and to die free. Authentic conscientiousne​ss about other animals, in short, calls for vegan abolitionism: an end to treating other animals as property and commodities, but as animals who, like ourselves, deserve to be born free, live free, and to die free.

The choices are to either support suffering, exploitation, and murder or to support vegan abolitionism.

There is no real third choice possible.

– Media for Animal Liberation


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